Juan Vázquez-Guillén Fernández de la Riva


  • Instituto de empresa, IE
  • Masters in Corporate Legal Counseling (1996)
  • Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICADE
  • Bachelor of Law and Corporate Legal Counsel (1994)

Spanish, English

Practising Member of the Madrid Bar Association

Areas of Expertise:
Civil Law, Litigation, Tax Law, Commercial Law

Juan Vázquez-Guillén Fernández de la Riva

Founding Partner

Juan Vázquez-Guillén Fernández de la Riva has a Law and Business Advisory Degree from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas – ICADE (1994) and a Master’s Degree in Business Legal Advice from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) (1996).

He is a founding partner of Zurbano + Caracas Abogados (2003). He began his professional career as a lawyer in the legal department of Price Waterhouse (1996-1998) and later, he founded Vázquez-Guillén & Pérez de las Vacas Abogados (1998-2003) law firm.

With more than twenty years of uninterrupted practice of law, he continues to provide his services as a Partner of Zurbano + Caracas Abogados, from its foundation to the present.

He has extensive experience in providing legal advice to companies, national and foreign, in purchase and sale processes and business restructuring, including assistance in the process of searching for financing sources, whether their own or others; the resolution of possible corporate disputes and the domiciliary transfer of cross-border companies.

Among other operations, he has led the constitution and start-up of a Real Estate Investment Fund for the development of real estate investments in Eastern countries, assisting and advising Managers throughout the process of attracting, disembursing, investing, disinvestment and finally liquidating. He has also led the sale process of an important Colombian hospital group, closing and negotiating the exit agreements of a group of Partners.

He advises national and multinational companies on a recurring basis in matters of civil and commercial contracting, answering any queries or interventions that may be required.

He has intervened in the advice and implementation of different startups and newly created companies, regulating, among other legal aspects, the creation of the structures that best adapt to their investments, the entry of new investors, shareholder agreements, relationships between founding partners and new investors and the processes of divestment or exit of partners.

Juan provides regular and continuous legal advice to individuals or family groups, either directly or through their equity companies, assisting them, among others, in investment processes, equity restructuring, negotiation between partners, transfer of shares and, in their case, in the preparation of family protocols.

Lastly, he is a non-director Secretary of companies and foundations, advising them on all civil, commercial and procedural matters that may arise in any of their operational development.