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Excellence as a distinctive of our services

Our prioritary objective at all times is the excellence in service and the satisfaction of our clients. Founded in Madrid in 2003, Zurbano & Caracas Abogados’ main mission is to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction of the highest level. It caters to clients’ global needs but offers the kind of personal service that is often lacking in large law firms.

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    General Consultancy Services to Commercial Companies

    • Foundation and legal development of commercial companies.
    • Advice to decision-making, administrative and management bodies.
    • Preliminary studies on specific areas of activity.
    • Legal advice on new projects and initiatives.
    • Legal relations with the Administration.

    All these professional services are provided in close collaboration with other áreas of the firm, such as the Tax Law or Criminal Law Departments.

    Commercial Contracting

    Advice on all types of commercial contracting subject to national, EU or international law.


    • Advice on foreign investments in Spain and Spanish investments abroad, including the legal structures through which investments are made.
    • Legal assistance with all types of economic transactions with foreign companies, including disclosure statements, loans, technical assistance and other collection and receivable operations made by residents and non-residents.

    Family Business

    • Legal advice to family businesses with special emphasis on the most suitable structure to implement. Wording of Family Protocols, adaptation of Parasocial Agreements and company bodies.
    • Interdepartmental coordination with the Tax, Inheritance, Commercial Law and corporate governance departments.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Zurbano & Caracas Abogados’ experience in mergers and acquisitions includes participation in company acquisition and divestment transactions, management buyouts and consultancy services to various entities on venture capital operations.

    Civil Litigation

    Consultancy services on all areas of civil law: property, leasing, rights in rem, family law, inheritance, civil contracting.

    Real estate and Construction Law

    • Legal advice on real estate development and management, particularly for the hotel and tourism industry.
    • Contracting in relation to construction: construction, project and technical assistance contracts.

    Foundations and Patronages

    • Legal advice on setting up and conducting Foundation and Patronage activities.
    • Advice on investments regulated by patronage law.

    Representation of Artists and Athletes

    The firm offers comprehensive consultancy and representation services to professional athletes and artists. It has extensive experience in this field, with important clients in the sports, record, theatre and filmmaking industries.

    Inheritance and Succession

    Drawing up wills advice on out-of-court inheritance settlements and litigation proceedings.

    Health Law

    A member of the National Association of Health Law, the firm offers solutions to the problems posed by prevailing regulations and their jurisprudential interpretation for all types of health entities and affected private individuals (liability and administrative claims, preparation and formulation of legal protocol and informed consent documents); the firm has experience in handling transfer operations in the pharmaceutical sector.

    Matrimonial and Cohabitation Law

    Out of court settlement and litigation proceedings in separation, annulment and divorce issues; prenuptial agreements, division of property and finance; cohabitant rights and advice on new legislation.

    Administrative Law

    • Consultancy services to public institutions and entities and private businesses and individuals in their relations with the Administration.
    • Advice on administrative contracts.
    • Competition issues, constitutionality and compliance with international community rules.

    Legal proceedings with Public Administrations.

    Energy Law

    Advice to companies involved in the production, development and distribution of energy.

    Judicial Proceedings

    Defence of clients’ interests in civil judicial proceedings with all jurisdictions and courts: the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, Regional High Courts, Hearings and courts.


    Participation in equity and rights arbitration proceedings as Arbitrators, whether appointed by Institutions (CCI, TAB) or the parties concerned. Calls for arbitration and participation therein as Legal Counsels.

    Tax Law

    Tax advice to corporations and private individuals. Reports.

    Tax applicable to corporate restructuring operations. National and international tax planning.

    Advice on Public Treasury inspections and proceedings.

    Preparation, submission and follow up of the different corporate and personal tax returns.

    Administrative and legal proceedings in relation to tax matters.

    Employment Law

    Advice and defence on all matters relating to Employment and Social Security Law, including representation in the Labour Court, the Labour Authority, individual and collective disputes, redundancy proceedings, collective bargaining, intervention in Labour and Social Security Inspectorate matters and all types of activities with the (Regional or State) Labour Bodies and the Social Security.

    Criminal Law

    Advice, defence and claims on issues relating to economic and corporate Criminal Law (fraud, crimes against the company, environment, public treasury, intellectual and industrial property rights), in addition to offences against the Public Administrations.


    The Zurbano & Caracas Abogados law firm is comprised of a team of professionals with extensive experience in national and international firms and proven practical expertise in multidisciplinary and comprehensive legal services to corporate and private individuals.


    Gonzalo Quintanilla Sánchez-Villacañas

    Founding Partner

    Universidad Complutense
    Bachelor of Law (1995)

    Spanish, English

    Practising Member of the Madrid Bar Association

    Areas of Expertise:
    Commercial Law, Employment Law, Civil Law


    Juan Vázquez-Guillén Fernández de la Riva

    Founding Partner

    Instituto de empresa, IE
    Masters in Corporate Legal Counseling (1996)
    Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICADE
    Bachelor of Law and Corporate Legal Counsel (1994)

    Spanish, English

    Practising Member of the Madrid Bar Association

    Areas of Expertise:
    Civil Law, Litigation, Tax Law, Commercial Law


    José Manuel Medrano García

    Founding Partner

    Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICADE, J.D. (1994)
    Bachelor of Law and Corporate Legal Counsel B.A. (1994)

    Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese

    Practising Member of the Madrid and Badajoz Bar Associations
    Member of the American Bar Association

    Areas of Expertise:
    Civil Law, Commercial and Company Law, M&A, Real Estate Law


    Juan Manuel Pérez de las Vacas Galán

    Founding Partner

    Instituto de empresa, IE
    Masters in Corporate Legal Counseling (1996)
    CEU San Pablo
    Bachelor of Law and Diploma in Community Law (1995)

    Spanish, English, Italian

    Practising Member of the Madrid and Cáceres Bar Associations

    Areas of Expertise:
    Civil Law, Litigation, Health Law, Matrimonial Law

    Our clients

    Service orientated and striving to provide effective solutions, the firm began operations in Madrid but very soon extended its services to the rest of Spain and international markets. Its customer portfolio currently includes clients in the European Union, Latin America and since 2008 in emerging countries, and it has set itself the medium-term objective of expanding on the domestic and international arenas through associations or strategic alliances.

    Z+C Solutions

    Z + C Solutions is the new member of the Zurbano + Caracas Abogados family and arises as a consequence of the specialization at the highest level of our professionalized team in accounting planification and labour advice for our clients.

    More information

    International reach

    Although located in Madrid, an important part of our business is conducted in the international arena, from coordinating multinational transactions and lawsuits in Madrid, to representing Spanish clients in foreign transactions and advising foreign customers on legal issues and operations in Spain.

    The firm frequently coordinates international projects on behalf of its clients; often involving other law firms in different jurisdictions and using its network of qualified contacts to help clients choose the foreign firm that best meets their needs.

    And because we are independent, we are free to work with the law firm or advisor chosen by our client in the required jurisdiction. Our experience and contacts ensure that we can offer clients a comprehensive and consistently high quality service with open lines of communication for all types of international projects.

    ABC · Internacional

    ABC INTERNATIONAL advises both companies and individuals in the preparation and development of all their international operations and transactions and ensures the legal monitoring of their businesses in France and abroad. That is why ABC INTERNATIONAL intervenes mainly in the following areas:

    • French commercial law
    • International and European trade law
    • German commercial law

    IC Alister

    IC Alister is an association of lawyers founded in 2008. It arose from the will of its members to establish a professional structure of integrated lawyers, specialized in the auditing and defense of companies, and in gathering capacities in commercial law, commercial law , tax law and labour law.

    Fiat Lux Legal

    Law firm with international projection, based in Rome and established in Madrid, they provide extensive legal, economic, real estate and tax services with special significance in supporting ecclesiastical congregations.

    BN Lawyers

    BN Lawyers is a law firm located in Macao, with important expansion into the Chinese market and at the same time, maintaining its relationship with the European Union through Portugal and offering legal services of a high international quality. Its offices in Macao and Portugal, as well as their collaboration with law firms in Spain, Africa and South America allow it to offer legal and juridical support that protects the interests of its clients anywhere in the world.

    Alves & Co

    “International boutique firm” specialized in providing legal advice and competitive, responsible and reliable legal services to meet the needs of Private Banking and Asset Management. With offices in Panama City, Panama and founded in 2001, it is a benchmark in the Panamanian legal market. In order to provide the best legal services and thus maximize the benefits for its clients, the firm works with a multidisciplinary team, including consultants, who will ensure a long-term attorney-client relationships focused on the needs and objectives of their clients in order to preserve and expand their assets and / or businesses.